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What is it all about?

Why do we need an IBS Research Register?
By informing and involving people in IBS research we hope to better understand the condition and to develop and assess new treatments.

What is it?
The register will hold the contact information of adults interested in hearing about and taking part in IBS research.

What would taking part involve?
All you need to do is provide us with your basic contact information to join. We will then match you to relevant research as it becomes available and contact you to see if you would like to participate. We will not share your information with other research teams.

What if I change my mind?
Joining the register does not commit you to taking part in any research project.
You are free to withdraw from the register at any time, using the Contact Page

What if I have any queries or complaints?
If you have any queries and/or complaints, you can contact us using the Contact Page

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If you are interested in participating in research into Irritable Bowel Syndrome, please follow this link and complete our registration form.

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